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Case Statements


Do you have the tools you need to be successful? 

The case statement, also called the case for support, is the core document of any fundraising campaign, especially for specific fundraising initiatives such as capital or endowment campaigns. Case statements should be used for all major fundraising initiatives- from annual funds, to capital campaigns, to new program support. 

These documents literally articulate your case for support to your donors. Our team of highly skilled writers work with your organization to write, articulate, and present your organziation. When writing your case for support, we explore your specific audience, your financial needs, and your industry competition to articulate your needs most effectively. 

What makes our case statements special? 

Our writers have decades of experience specifically within the nonprofit industry and fundraising, and we understand the importance of being 'donor-centric'. We are experts on persuasion, and our case statements rely on the three most effective elements of persuasion: appeals to emotion; appeals to logic; and appeals to credibility. 

Our servcie is comprehensive- from writing to graphic design, we do it all.