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We have raised millions for the nonprofits we work with- and we can help you do the same. Allied Development Consultants specialize in diversifying development portfolios for sustainable growth in small to mid-sized nonprofits organizations. Fundraising is methodical and process oriented, and we can help your nonprofit put the right processes in place for long term success and unprecedented growth.

What does your development portfolio currently look like? Do you rely on the same few annual events and donors to keep you afloat every year? Has your fundraising operation plateaued? 

Allied Development Consultants focus on diversifying your development portfolio. We work with your organization to tailor a fundraising strategy that is unique to your mission, donors, and organizational history.

How We Work:

Our team of researchers work with your organization to identify a pool of donors, supporters, and community members to interview. We collect comprehensive data on the following areas and present you with a full report:

  • Is your campaign goal attainable?

  • Is the community receptive to your project?

  • Is your leadership and board well respected? 

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses, as perceived by your donors?

  • Do you have access to influential volunteer leadership?